Lamberkin Cottage

Over the summer of 2017, Lamberkin Cottage underwent a significant amount of building work to expand and modernise the property. This involved a major redesign of the existing property, as well as several expansions to the building on almost all sides.

This website details the changes made to the property over that time, displaying a series of photographs taken throughout the process. Each section details the changes made to individual parts of the house.


The kitchen was completely demolished and moved into the extension at the rear of the house. This new kitchen is almost double the size of the original.


The existing downstairs bathroom was extended slightly, and all of the outdated fittings were replaced.

Downstairs Bedrooms

The layout and position of both downstairs bedrooms remain the same, but with new floors and fittings.


The living room also changed very little, aside from replacement floor and the removal of the coal fireplace, which was replaced with a log burner.

Front / Driveway

The upstairs of the house was extended out to the left to meet in line with downstairs. This involved the removal of the gable end wall so that the roof could be extended out.


The upstairs of the house was extended to the left and rear, with the latter involving the addition of a dormer to accommodate the new upstairs bedrooms.

Rear Extension

The most significant addition to the house was the rear extension, which would contain the new kitchen and dining room, along with new decking at the rear.